From Anonymous:

I've worked at various dealerships in several different states. I'll tell you, and you might already know, the profit margins are very thin on new cars. Many customers refuse to pay sticker price (msrp) and they will take their business elsewhere if you don't provide them an incredible deal. With that said, one way to actually come out ahead selling cars is to offer services like paint protection film, special coatings etc. Now coatings will wash or flake off over time, so if you do really want to add value for your customers, paint protection film is a no-brainer. Not only do the customers enjoy a nicer looking car for longer, but when they bring the vehicle in for a trade-in, you are getting nicer looking cars as well. Lets face it, most people do not take very good care of their paint. With paint protection film you are protecting the most vulnerable areas of the cars finish. Often by trade-in time the film has outlived its useful life, but it's simple to remove it and install new protection. This process does not damage the paint one bit.