Benefits of Offering Paint Protection Film

With the variety of vehicle protection processes offered today, It's hard to know which ones are truly worthwhile. In this article, we will investigate some popular dealer add-ons, and examine which ones provide the best value to your customers. Exterior coatings, interior protection sprays, and even rust proofing are all some of the commonly available protection systems available for new vehicles.


Rust-proofing might sound like a good idea, especially in areas that experience extreme weather conditions. However, most cars today leave the factory with excellent built-in rust protection. Processes such as zink undercoatings, body panel galvanization, and materials like laminated steel provide excellent prevention for oxidation and rust, even in the harshest of environments. Furthermore, in the last few decades, the quality of factory paints and undercoatings have greatly improved, making this protection service unnecessary for most modern vehicles.

Fabric protection

Invisible interior protection sprays can be offered to your customers for their new cars. Again, this is something that is no longer necessary due to high quality fabrics used in modern automotive upholstery. These sprays advertise that they improve the durability of the material and can water proof a vehicle's interior. However, if the underlying foam gets wet, these coatings can actually trap in moisture and prevent proper drying. This in turn can cause mold and other issues. Your customers will be in continuous contact with these chemical coatings, and as they deteriorate, they can even become airborne, and inhaled. Yikes!

Paint Protection Sprays

Offering paint protection sprays and sealants also isn't the best idea. Most automotive paint jobs today can survive the useful life of the car when properly washed and waxed. As we know, washing and waxing cannot protect from chips and deep scratches, which is why we highly recommend offering paint protection film instead of a spray or sealant.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is the one truly worthwhile protection process, but it must be done right. This is a thin removable film that overlays the most vulnerable areas of a cars paint job, such as the door handle cups, side mirrors, bumpers, wheel lips, and first few inches of the hood. These areas can be the first line of contact for scratches and chips from road debris such as rocks and asphalt. These faintly visible protection strips are something your customers can see in action as it protects the finish of their car. For these transparent strips to look esthetically pleasing, they should be custom cut pieces designed for each vehicle model. Hand cutting, although works, doesn't give the appearance of a professional fit and finish . Often hand cut pieces are wrapped under body panels, and the rough cuts are visible when raising the hood, or looking underneath. Not all protection film is made equal. Bargain brands often found on eBay or Amazon won't apply smoothly, leaving unsightly air bubbles. These discount films don't offer substantial solar protection, and will yellow after time, looking just awful. The best film available is clearly the professional line from 3M. They offer various films, but only the highest quality variants offer features such as self-healing, UV protection, and more. For best results these films should be applied by a professional, and again only using pieces that are specifically cut for each model vehicle. Clear Guard inc. has years of experience in applying these films in a high-volume setting, and only utilizes top of the line 3M materials. Because Clear Guard services dealerships in the largest new vehicle market in the world, Los Angeles, they can delivery some of the best wholesale pricing in the industry. What that means for your business is that you are not only are providing a great service for your buyers, you can also make a considerable profit for your dealership. What are the typical profit margins? See this article for more info, and when you area ready, contact Clear Guard inc. here for assistance.