Scotchgard Paint Protection

There are many opportunities in using clear film to protect various
painted surfaces of the vehicle.

What is 3M Door Cup PPF?

Prevents stonechip while driving.

While you drive your car, small bits of road material such as gravel from the road can scratch your car. It's called a stonechip. It can cause damage to the clearcoat, basecoat and undercoat, and can lead to oxidation and rust of the underlying metals.

Anti-rust and anti-discoloration

Dead bugs, iron, salty materials, and bird droppings can cause oxidation and rust to form as well as damage your paint.

Anti-scratch to protect from basic use

You can help protect your car door handle area from sharp materials such as rings, and keys which can quickly damage the paint. Even your fingernails overtime can weaken the surface of the clearcoat and cause unsightly scratches.

Film can help the paint withstand light impact.

Door Dings received in the parking lot might damage the film, but your paint is what you want to protect, which is why door cups are such a crucial component to keep your car looking its best for many years to come.

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